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Opening: Coming soon!

Stable PTS server

We are providing you with stable Interlude PTS (L2off) platform based project. We would like to asure you that no-wipe policy is one of our main goals. Feel free to enjoy the classic moments of Lineage 2 in its true version again.

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Real Rewards

Are you bored of fights with no purpose? Bored of lazy enemies ? We are going to make the fights much attractive by special real rewarding system based on pre-announced events! Feel free to make some profit from your gaming.

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Player Focused

Player focused staff should be the priority for server, however, where can you find it? We are ready to help, assist and listen to any issue that can arise from player´s side. Do you have any suggestion? Feel free to share it with us.

Account Panel

  • Version: Interlude - PTS platform based
  • Rate: x7
  • Opening: January 2017

  • Exp: x7
  • Sp: x7
  • Adena: x5 (quantity)
  • SealStone: x3 (quantity)
  • Drop: x4 (chance), x1 (quantity)
  • Spoil: x3 (chance), x1 (quantity)

  • Quest drop edited
  • Quest Reward (adena / exp / sp): x5*
  • RaidBoss Exp / Sp: x5
  • RaidBoss Drop: x3 (chance); x1 (quantity)
  • EpicBoss: x1 (chance, quantity)

* Features could be slightly changed during our open beta test.

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In the event of you would like to create your account, please dont forget to use our account panel.